Aku berterima kasih kepada-Mu ya Allah, tempatku berserah dan tunduk atas segala kuasa-Nya… Engkaulah Tuhanku yang maha pengasih dan penyayang yang telah memberiku kesempatan untuk terus belajar dan
berjuang dalam hidup, sehingga aku tetap berdiri… Aku takkan berpaling dari-Mu ya Allah..
Yuliasih, my lovely mom.. I can’t be like this without you mom..your love, spirit, patience,and pray really be a power for me to survive..you also be my best friend who always hear what I feel then you give me your best advice.. I love you mom..
Sri Yatno, my lovely dad.. although you have different way to teach your daughters, but I believe that you know what suit us the best.. Dad, thank’s to trust me and give me a chance to decide what I wanna do.. I’ll do my best to make you proud.. I love you Dad..
Rizka Hijriyanti, my younger sister.. thank’s for beliving me as your sister and friend.. I hope you could change your life to be better.. I believe that we can make our parents proud of us..
Triana Rakhmawati, my youngest sister..thank’s for understanding me as your sister. I always proud of you because you had changed your bad attitude.. Just try to be patient, I belive that you can reach what you want..I love you both sists..
Pascahyanto, one part of my wings, I can’t believe that I have a cool partner like you.. your love, patience, & understanding are the best presents given to me.. you always have different way to treat me as a woman..
Thank’s for giving me your shoulder to rely on.. Thank’s for making me smile in every single day..
Evie and Diena.. my partners in crime..I can’t believe that we still be friends untill now.. You’re such a nice, faith, cool, and silly friends (just remember what we did 8 years ago!). I could not find friends like you..
Emergency Room 57 plus as: Dobby, Indra, Dheta, Gilang, and wawan, thank’s for being fun friends for me..
A place where I can lead my hobbies and pretend to be a great singer.. Haha.. Keep rockin’ ya!!
Maya, Rani, Vita my great friends when I was in UNDIP-such a hard university-. Although we’re different with our own way, but I believe that we love each other. I remember our nice, funny & sad stories and you guys cheered me up when I was left out, those are the most coolest moment that we’ve ever had. Can we repeat those again? Alhough we’re in thousands miles away but you’re always in my heart..I miss you girls..
Anis, Mba Joice, Mba Arsi, Yoyo.. my boarding house pals..I don’t know how would I be, if there were no you all in that suck boarding house.. You all gave me what I need as a friend, sister, and family.. I love you guys..
Ari and Endah my sisters in Yustisia 2 boarding house. Thank’s for loving me and accepting me just the way I am. When I was down in finishing this script, you both supported me even accompanied me in campus.. and also thank’s for taking care of me when I was sick.. keep be my nice sisters, I love you girls..
Ariey, my best partner.. Thank’s for being cool friend. You’re such struggle, smart&great person. How lucky I have a friend like you in UNS.I still wonder how can I meet person who have the same principles like you.
Tembem thank’s for everything u did to me. Although I’ve just known you, but our friendship is such a cool thing. I love your cheek mbem..haha.. Dina, Darma, Alit, Dita, Dimas thank’s for brightening my life in UNS.. We have to reliaze our traveling plan! So we can take many great pictures to be uploaded in face book.. Keep up the good work ‘ya!