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Talk about frienship, we will automatically talk about fun, conflicts, differences, angry, love, and tears, just like when we came up some relationship with crushes or other people. We absolutely believe that nobody is same alhough between a twins. Yes, we are different! Different head means different about principples, characteristic, quality, and point of views.

It’s normal. Sometimes it runs so well when we face a conditions that they have a same principples or mission with us, but we oftenly as well face a conditions where our friends have different point of view to something, even it such a contradiction one with ours. So, that’s the time when we have to respect their opinion. No matter what it is!

I have so many close friends who have so many characteristics, and most of them are has cotradiction principles with me. Such as: friend who is too idealistic, friend who has so many plans which can’t be realized, friend who has no dicipline, friend who is so proud of her self and people around her, friend who always insult somebody’s weakness (even mine), friend who really dependent on someone else, friend who oftenly critize something, drama queen, naif, copycat, negative thinking, show off, helpless, etc

And if i were so selfish, I would avoid them. But if I did, I wouldn’t have a friend at all. Something that we have to do is eccept the difference between us, give an emphaty to them (unconsciously we did something bother them as well), and just remember all of kindness thing that they done for us (it’s a must!). It will give positive energy to us so you wont hurt them and you will have so many close friends who will accompany your life.

Photo by: Okii

Here are friendship quotations:

  • friendship is when you never talk about your best friend in her back!
  • friendship is when you watch your mouth to mock your friend’s weakness.
  • friendship is when you realize the difference of you and your best friends will colourize ur life.
  • friendship is when you respect to your best friend’s point of view and principles
  • friendship is when you keep your best friend’s dirty little secret ever.
  • friendship is when you think that your best friend is such an important part of your life and she thinks so.
  • friendship is when you never forget to say “help”/ “please”, “Hai”, “sorry”, and “Thanx” to your friends.
  • friendship is when you give your EARS to hear their problems, FINGER to point their mistakes, MOUTH to give an advices, and HAND to help them.
  • friendship is when you never take the advantages from your best friend’s kindness.