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When I was browsed some fashion web few times ago, I was fall in love with sequin things. Based on my previous post, bright color and shiny pieces (such as sequins and satins) will go appear. And some days latter (last month, red),  My aunt accidentally said “you like wearing dresses right? Just come to my house and you’ll get what you want!”. Voila.. I have some things to be showed in my blog then!

When i wore the sequin dress yesterday evening, there were many people lurking in the sidewalk and I kept on giving my self heart attacks by leaning against this crazy black button, haha..

Not like other fashion blogger who often spent time and money for shopping, I’m not as wealth as them and I don’t have so many branded and expensive stuffs. I’m just ordinary people who want to show that i have passion in fashion. The things i can do is open the cup board and do anything in my head, remake old clothes to be more up to date, or make my own sketch to be realized in tailor.