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Not as few days ago, today is so bright and there are sunflares everywhere, bit hot but doesn’t even matter for me. It makes me to dressed like on picture above. Mix tank and vest, I also wear leather hand bag and booties. I like the back side of the vest, such a purple silky material and it’s my aunt’s giving as well, i love her so much (due to what she gave to me, lol).

Messy braided hair is my favourite for the present.. it looks simply cool, and I love doing that haha

My tip for straight hair is just braid it after you wash your hair (hair condition: lil bit wet and dry), and open the braided when it completely dry, and waved hair goes to yours 🙂

Frankly, I’m not in the mood to go to class today, I really enjoy this bright days. So i decided to stay here. Someplace which there are a lot of grasses and enjoy my forbidden freedom.. 😀