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A busy week make me sick. There are a lot of activities in every single day that make me dont have spare time for my self especially to keep posting on this blog. every morning until 2 pm even 4 pm i spent my time in sewing course. Just make a some sketchs and finish it. I really have to work hard to finish all of the sewing theory to run after the time until March (the time which i have to start to work and move to Semarang).

After coming here, my cousin is make me busier. automatically i have to help my mom to take care of him (he is 7 years old). I’m be his private teacher in the evening. teach Math, Bahasa Indonesia, and English. it seriously make me tired and Cold successfully come to me 😥

Well, frankly I really enjoy those activities. I like make some design and make it real, and i also like uh…babysitting my cousin (wish it’ll be usefull for me in the future to look after my own kids, lol).