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I didn’t wear make up today. I was ini hurry to get dressed. Yea, I know, lil bit weird for my face to be un-makeup-ed. I just put the green cardigan and cut denim pants then go searching the books about Public Realions job desk, something to support my job as civil servant in public relations departement.

(Necklace: from my uncle in UK)

Recently my  minus 2 eyes has annoyed me. Not only I’m not be able to see something in long distance, but also I don’t really like of wearing glasses. Hell yeah, it’s killing me. In one side my sight is depend on that glasses, in other side I prefer wearing softlens (mine is brown) which is unfortunately gone 4months ago(left in my buddy,s car).

Nowadays, softlens is belong to be one of fashion accesories. Actually, wearing softlens is not comfort enough. You have to keep it wet in your eyes with dropping an eyes drops in AC’s room, you  have to change the water soak  if it’s not used in few days, and for safety you have to cut your nail so it wont prick your eyes when u wore it (I’ve ever been iritated since then), and the hardest thing is it feel so bitter in your eyes if you wear in for more than 9 hours.

But there are 2 close friends who wear coloured softlens just for style whereas their eyes are in good conditions (not like me, who had minus 2). I think it’s not worth it with it sacrifice furthermore I wouldn’t wear it if my eyes hadn’t gotten minus. Well, if I could choose: I prefer being healthy to getting crazy about those things :p