Finally I write again! Feels great. Being here is always fascinating. There is nothing different about me. I still busy about my routine and need some refreshing. Suck and fun in the same time.

I have been bored about social networking site recently. There is no something interesting no more. Moreover there are some crimes which is done by it in my country –Indonesia- (esp. Facebook). Hell yeah, everything will be done for any advantages, and Twitter and Blog is something better now for me.

Actually twitter is belong to social networking site but the lead concept is such a micro blogging in 140 character.Twitter is a real time data-stream of knowledge from those in the front row (figuratively and proverbially) and blogsphare is something i love for the present. I am be able to share everything in my mind, to show some lovable things, and the most important is I can be interacted with so many blogger in the entire world. So we share stories, stunning outfits, and of course COMMENT: which is loved by whole bloggers by clicking the blog link address whereever it is then leave your words.

We often go around and visit other blogs and some of those has twitter feed espesially you guys, a fashion blogger.

Based on that way, here are the tips:

  • First of all, don’t feel like you have to say anything just for the sake of it. This may feel at odds with the concept of Twitter, so start by paying attention to what those you follow have to say and retweet the most interesting comments.
  • Understand your Twitter audience and tweet with them in mind. Curate your Twitter comments as you would your blog content and keep your comments relevant to your ‘blogger brand’.
  • It may sound obvious, but publish your blog developments on Twitter. Each time you write a new post, tweet it. If your blog is mentioned elsewhere in cyberspace, mention it.
  • When tweeting a blog post, post a tiny URL rather than your whole blog address. At first, I thought it was  necessary to ‘advertise’ my blog URL in the hopes people would remember it before realizing that I was wasted a large portion of my 140 characters. Seeing my URL won’t impulse people to click through nearly as much as an enticing one liner. Think of Twitter as a wink across a crowded room; be alluring.
  • Share your finds over Twitter; us bloggers are a stylish and savy bunch so if you find an interesting article or tweet (breaking news of a new Topshop/designer collaboration for example) tweet it! If you think you have nothing to tweet, search. Keeping up a Twitter feed is the perfect excuse to hunt for new ideas.