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Wwoopps.. weekend again, it means time to blogsphere again.  I was not lie when i said that i love of being here. Go around and visit to many great blogs and we support each other with giving comments, it’s like came up some friendship i guess. Thanks for the meaningfull comment on the previous post. Love you guys.. ❤

You know that i have long distance  relationship with my bf and Yesterday i’ve got fight with him. Yeah this LDR attrack some problems for us that is actually such a slip. Both of us realize it but we can’t avoid the small problems between us. And yesterday is the biggest thing, i didn’t know why were we so angry like that, even i had thought for break up. But after one day disconnected, me and my bf think deeply about this relationship, we realize that we need eachother. The point is: try to understand, give an emphaty, and forgive. He’s the one i want indeed.  And the song tittle “two is better than one” is true.

Tomorrow we plan to meet up in Semarang ( a city where among my city and my bf’s city) for hunting some photos in old town. Semarang have a beautiful old town which is herritage from Dutch colonial in the past time. I’ll show the photos to you on the next post. Yeah i’m so exited, finally i can hang out of town for a while. It may be able to fix this relationship 😀

Wearing: LBD, second hand cropped blazer, red open toe flats, wooden bangle

PS: second hand market is my favourite place. you will find unpredictable cloths that you actually want it. like this cropped blazzer, the price is Rp.10.000,- (around $1). looks normal right? lol