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Last weekend was bittersweet. I was actually enjoy the trip, and thanks God i can make my relationship up. I and my bf went to Sam Poo Kong Temple and The Old Town in Semarang but on the last day i got message that my friend’s mom was passed away. So i dont have so much time to take more photos because i had to go to Solo to attend her mom’s funeral.

-RIP to my best friend Widiantari’s Mom-

Well, as i promised on the previous post, i’ll show u some photos which is snapped by me and my bf in The Old Town Semarang.

Finally i publish the dress made by me – the DIY floral dress- mixed with vest.

Photo by: Pascahyanto

Photo by: me

The Old Town / Kota Lama is located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, which is a Dutch colonial heritage. In the 18th century, it served as the commercial centre especially for sugar trading. To safeguard the area, the Dutch decided to build the Vijhoek fort which surrounded the whole old town.

The Old Town is different from other parts of Semarang because it is geographically separated from its surrounding area (unlike the streets outside, all the roads in the Old Town are paved) and it features a distinctive architectural style with a strong link to its colonial past. Thus, it became known as “Little Nederland” – a spot where the past managed to survive. There are still about 50 historical buildings scattered around the Old Town. Some of them are still in use today but unfortunately, most are already dilapidated and abandoned.

PS: I’m sorry if my photos is not good enough, coz i’m still trying to operate this DSLR camera and little bit confusing to syncronize the Speed and diafraghma f :p