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This is the 2nd part of last week’s trip to semarang. A week ago we went to Sam Poo Kong tample, such a chinese or konghucu people place for praying. But now it’s developing as a tour place, so the people from another religion still can visit and enjoy the beauty of this temple’s architectures and details.

Wearing: patterned top, secondhand blazer priced Rp. 30000 (around $3), black skinny, handmade tote bag, plastic shoes.

1st and 2nd photo by: Pascahyanto

Sam Poo Kong temple is located in the Simongan, Semarang. Often called the Stone House for its large stone cave believed to be the starting place to land and the headquarters of Admiral Cheng Ho (also known as Sam Poo Tay Djien) along with his son during a visit to the java island.

The famous chinese lamp. Red and yellow are the identical colour of china and on the same way it’s such a great object for photograph due to it contrast with the background colour.

Behind story of Sam Poo Kong Tample

Admiral Cheng Ho came to China, and sailed with a fleet of 200 ships and 2700 crew for peacekeeping mission to Asia and Africa. Along the way a child found to have a sick crew. Eventually they landed and stopped in a village, named Simongan. Admiral Cheng Ho discovered a stone cave in the area for use as a place to meditate and pray. He finally decided to temporarily stay there while waiting for the healing process of the crew who were given the drug from the herb leaves surrounding the place. Admiral Cheng Ho provides many farming and character knowledge. After Zheng He must continue his journey, people in the cult of Simongan provides Cheng Ho as a thank  for services. They worshiped Cheng Ho as a person worthy of respect and uphold and sought his blessing.

In front of the stone building there were some relief telling the story of Cheng Ho’s adventure.

3rd – 7th photo by: me

This temple is very huge and has several buildings. The first building is a kind of hall that sells incense for the sake of pray, then there is another hall which provides photography services using the traditional dress of China, and its main building is the temple which consists of several buildings. In the middle of this temple there is a big yard, with some statues that stood strong and there are some giant candles with the donor’s name, most of the company’s behalf. These candles allowed to continue burning until the end.