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“I feel very strongly that we make decisions about what we’re giving to the world, what we’re withholding from the world, by virtue of what we put on our bodies and what we choose to say or not to say.” — Meryl Streep

Have you ever thought that fashion is like sandwich?? (or i’m the only one who has the silly  thought).. how we put the every single clothes in to our bodies to be chic or stylish  is same as how we mix the bread, onion, tomato, cabages, egg, beef or fish to be delicious and leave a good taste in our mouth.

Fashion is something that i can’t leave without and for me being stylish is not only the clothes, but also the other parts of those which make us look beautifull such as accessories and make up. And as u see in my posts in this blog, i never wear something branded and expensive, that’s because i am poor and i’m different with other fashion bloggers. Most of them (maybe including you) often spent their money for shopping the famous cloth line, the masterpiece of famous designer in a high price. The more it’s expensive the more branded it is, but it’s not for me. Same as Elaine in Clothedmuch blog’s in her blog profile, I’m poor but do have passion in fashion.

I usually wear:

  • The handmade outfit, the clothes that i really work on it by sewing and bunching some accessories.
  • Remake outfit, just looking for some useless clothes in somebody’s closet even my mom’s and dad’s.
  • Secondhand outfit, as i said before i love the secondhand market so bad, u will find an unpredictable outfit in low low and lowwwww prices. And as Treade said in Two is better that one’s post, somebody’s trash is another’s treasure, haha.
  • Reasonable price’s outfit (no explain, coz everybody love this)

Well, these are the way i dressed my self, i dont care about what people say i just do what my brain is thinking about. And you guys, what do u usually wear??

Wearing: stripes skirt as tube dress, small purple blazer, wooden bracelet