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It’s the 4rd week I’m working. There were a lots of experience i’ve got. First time i joined to this offife i did so many stupid things. I said wrong thing, i called people in the wrong name, i dropped office stuff, I hurt someone’s heart. Then I met so many kinds of people, arogant, friendly, dictator, etc

And on the second week, I taken apart on the job briefing for two days. Actually that’s a good time for us to get a lots of acquintances, but unfortunatelly it wasn’t happend to me. I joined the group whom most of people are from one department (and they DO know each other) And they really didn’t want to open the relationship with others. Hm.. You know what i mean, dont you?? And plus there were something that made me really hate on that sort of condition: Discrimination (i really dont want to talk about it here).

So many bad times made me long for so many great things that i had before. My friends in the college, my parents, my sewing activity, my bf that we used to meet everyday, my freedom etc.

I learn something out of here. We have to behave well to another persons to build good impresson. And the most important is we should be able to enjoy every phase of life when we still can reach, touch and enjoy them before we step to another phase. Because, the first time of new phase must be hard, and it makes us want to come back again to the past time. And yes, now i’m trying to enjoy everything i do in this office. The first thing that i have to do is LOVING. Love this office, love the people in there, love the job desk (fortunatelly I do something that i’ve ever got in the college: writting news, reportating, photographing, and any kinds of journalism).

And now I’m better.. 😀

Photos by: Pascahyanto

Dress by: me