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I believe that everybody has ever fallen in love. And at that time we will fly in the sky like a birds especially when the people you love is loving you back. It feels whoaaaa… so good. And have you ever thought that do the birds feel flying in the sky too when they fall in love? Hahaha what an insane question!! And that is what I feel now. Because of wearing feather pattern skirt and because i’m falling in love (again) with my bf.

After coming to ‘working and having serious relationship with someone’ phase, we surely expect to enter to another phase which is admired by every women in the world. Read: Marriage.

In my country and religion, the common chriteria of future husband are has a same religion with us (same principle with us, red), has a good occupation, and good behaviour which are involving our live after marriage. Such as how does he lead the family, how does he make a living for the family, even how does he socialize with other people.

And talk about his occupation, something that we expect is he has a  great job with high salary. So he can cater family’s necessities and even……… Diamond rings!!! Ooops!!! Hahahaha. But it’s not absolute. The most important point is he has good job.

And due to the lattering above, the question is: When will we decide to enter that phase? And my answer is: I am going to there! 😀 v

Wearing: Secondhand denim top, handmade skirt, Bellagio on bag, Elisabeth on sandals