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Hey guys, I’m 1 year older now.. Really dont wanna be 24, lol.. I can’t believe that i’m old now. I thought I was 18 years old and still have to go to college to take a lecture and do something insane out of there with my buddies, untill my room mate knocked the door and woke me up, then I’ve just realized that I was dreaming. Haha

In this age I think people should be someone mature and settled or even go to the next step of life.. as I said on the previous post, I’m going to there and I’m trying hard to be settled too.

I’ve been trying hard to adapt in new environment, trying to love everything i do and people around, trying to accept everything gave to me wisely for the last 3 weeks. And i think it’s work out!

Therefore, on this new age i have to do my own resolution. For the one last year, I have been someone who:

  • Easy to get angry
  • Less respect to other people whom I dont like to
  • Too much of expressing worry
  • Not confident enough
  • Always have negative and bad thought
  • Spendthrift

And after considering about all of my bad habit, I had to change into a better person. And here are my target for one year ahead:

  • I HAVE to be more patient
  • I HAVE to respect to all of people around
  • I HAVE to believe that I have ‘something’
  • I HAVE to be more thrifty
  • Increase faith to God
  • Always helping others
  • Stop Grumbling
  • Mantain a strong self control
  • Save some money regularly
  • Finish sewing class
  • Have a decision for bridal make up
  • Choose a wedding dress
  • Buy some stufs for it

Hopefully it will be come true..

These are the photos which I had ever posted before.. I repost it just because i like the look..(and of course I dont have a spare time to take outfit photos -_-‘)