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Hooooaaaa.. finally i have this lovable time, oh yes, Blogging time. I really wish there are 30 hours a day, so i have more spare times, i have more times to sleep, i have more times for my self including this: blogging. Ok, let me tell u about what I have been doing. At this present i dont talk about fashion or something, because i dont have time for sewing anymore and i dont bring everyhting in my own closet (i leave those in my hometown, meanwhile i am in other country now) and i only bring some working uniforms. so i’ll talk about music show.

Me and my friend Anna

Four days ago i went to jazz music show tittled Urbanjazz Crossover 2010, Friday (21/5) in Venue Ballroom Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang. I knew the information by newspaper a day before when i had to resume some news (yeah it was short time to prepare, esp.for The ticket). Then i asked my colleague, Anna,  to come to this event. She agreed. After going home from the office, we had to queue to got the ticket box in the venue because the ticket was actually sold out. But yeah, we got it.

The Crowd and the place where we have to buy a ticket box

The ticket price is only Rp 50.000,- or around $5 but there are so many various local artists. They are Ipank (Rock Solo Vocalist), Dewi Sandra (Singer), Indra Lesmana (Musician), Sandi Sandoro (Jazz Singer from Indonesia but he’s well-known in Germany), Mayla Faiza (Violinist), Kikan ‘Cokelat’ (Cokelat Band’s Vocalist), Boogiemen (rapper),  Ahmad Albar (Senior Rock Singer), and finally Ello (a handsome solo singer :p).

iPod Game and the winners who win the artist cd with their signature

They sang the various well-know singles from Muse, Goo Goo Dolls, The Thing Things, Robbie Williams, U2, Jet, Sting, Amy Winehouse, Motley Crue, etc in jazzy arrangement. Including a local single such as Panggung sandiwara, Rumah Kita, Bete, Malam biru, Inikah Cinta, Sempurna, Aku Ingin Bebas, Luka Lama, and Pergi Untuk Kembali.

Fortunelly, i brought DSLR Camera Nikon D80 (office’s stuf) so i can show you what was going on there. But i’m so sorry if the photos are lil bit blurry. That because, 1st: the camera is so heavy, 2nd: the situation is less light so i have to use huge aperture which is made me to be steady (but the photos are still blurry T_T). I did not use flash light because the photo’s colour effect will be white (the flash light is spread to the stage), 3rd: because i am so short and there are tall people  in front of me. So i have to capture every moment i had ,and the last is because of the atmospehere which make us to be waggle up. Yup, here they are:

Ipank and the Boogiemen on 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' By Jet

Ipank featuring Dewi Sandra in ‘Bete’ Song - a well-known single by dewiQ -

Dewi Sandra on 'Rehab' with the dancers in sequin dress

Dewi Sandra and The Boogiemen

Indra Lesmana on his single showin playing jazz music

Mayla Faiza playing violin in her sexy and fabulous gown

Mayla Faiza Featuring Sandy Sandoro

‘Malam Biru’ by Sandy Sandoro is sooo jazzy

Kikan Cokelat on ‘Luka Lama’ in Jazzy and swing arrangement

Kikan on ‘Starlight’ by Muse

‘Rumah Kita’ by The legend rock singer, Ahmad Albar

And finally the most marvellous singer that we really wait for... Ello !!

Ello on action that make us dancing then dying

Over all, the show is so awesome!!!