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The heart is stronger Than you think
It’s like it can go Through anything
And even when you think, It can’t it finds a way to still push on, Though
Sometimes You want to run away
Ain’t got the patience For the pain
And if you Don’t believe it Look into Your heart The beat goes on
I’m tellin’ you that, Things get better, Through whatever
If you fall, Dust it off, Don’t let up
Don’t you know, You can go, Be your own miracle
You need to know
If the mind Keeps thinking You’ve had enough
But the heart Keeps telling you Don’t give up
Who are we to be Questioning Wondering what is what
Don’t give up Through it all, Just stand up
(Just Stand Up – Various Artists)

After telling you about my daily story: my own problems, the happy and rediculous things, etc, i faced a reality about someone’s life story and her struggle against cancer. Hell yes, Breast cancer!! The most horrible thing for women ever.

Her name is Martini Wediastuti (48) or we usually call her Ms. Titin. She is my colleague in Public Relations Division, Semarang City Secretariate. I have just known her well when we were on duty to socialize the goverment policies. She had stadium 2 breast cancer 2 years ago. When she knew it, just need short time for her to decide should she be operated or not. Ms. Titin thought, if it took so long to think, the operation won’t be done. Too much consideration will be too afraid to take some acts.

Me, Mrs Titin and our friend in Public Relations Division wear Batik on Thursday

For me, she is so brave. She even assure her family and friends when they doubt the success of those operation (read: afraid of being fail). She even refuse some  friends who offer to take her to go to the  alternative treatment. Something that she did is got discussion with the doctor who handled her and resigned it to God. One day before the execution, she showed the lump to her colleague in the office. Just for warning them not to belittled even for the small lump in our bodies. Then they cried for her.

She spent 10 days in the hospital. She did the chemotherapy patiently, even though the pain is spreading to all parts of her bodies. Therefore she had to cut off her hair until being bald. She tried to enjoy those conditions. Moreover,  when she’s doing chemotherapy, she was not stuck in the bed and resist the pain by her self, but she is being exuberant and doing everything herself including take a pee and take a bath so that her hand and feet’s skin is burnt because hit by hard injection liquid. But it doesn’t even matter for her. In that hospital she known as obstinate patient.

She and a poor with her generousity

A week later, she started to work again. She drove the motorcycle by herself. She doesn’t want to inconvenienced  her husband by taking and picking her up everyday. She believe she can do it by her self. I almost unbelieved that! Her friends were being worry because  she has to drive her self to go home. They usually help her to make stand by her motorcycle in the parking lot, so it will be easy for Ms. Titin to drive it. Some of them watched her until the corner way.

To cover her baldness, she wore any shape of wig which is collected by her before. The funny thing is when the weather became hot in the office, she just take of that wig. She is definitely not shy at all to the people around. Every night she asks to God to give her a life for tomorrow and she thank to God for it when she wake up, her eyes were still opened and look at the beautiful world.

When we went to Ambarawa, just look at her spirit of life!

She has never been give up and never been sad, though the Doctor said, “I will never answer your question about how many years will you alive. It’s the hands of God. Still, there are my patients who have 8 years in survive” when Mrs Titin ask him about how many longer her live is. And again, it doesn’t even matter for her. She even said, “Wow, that’s great, there still 6 more years!”. Whereas for us, 6 years is not such a long time to live, it will never enough! Hm.. I’m Speechless.

She also never regard her self to be a sick person and so do her family. She eat, act, work as a healthy person. That’s her way to be healthy. And those prove some progress of her recovery. Physically and mentally, her treatment and her family cure her pain. And because of passion of live, she is survive up till now. The other her character which is make me be awed is generousity. She often gives something to somebody else. i adore this character, try to make some people happy is a best way to get happiness.

This story is such a priceless for all of us. How she face a cancer, how she struggle, stand up for life and appreciate the gift of God. Hopefully this story will be useful experience and information for us, especially the women who really fragile to get some horrible illness. Just take care of our health, and LOVE our live.