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I’m finally back here again. I miss u so much guys.. It’s been 1 month I didn’t write or take photos for blog. And it’s painfull..hehe. There were so many things happen to me. Espescially the problem that I have to face. I believe everybody has a mistakes, and so do i. I realize that I’m not lovely person, I have so many weaknes for treating somebody. I know, and I am trying to change it to be better. But Fiuh.. it’s so hard!

Forget about the bad things. Few days ago, i went to cinema with my friend Yuki to watch Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It ws fun, I can forget those problems for a while. And I wore the secondhand top that i bought some weeks ago in Solo.. the price is Rp 5000,- or around $1.. huaaah it’s so cheap!

Now i dont know what to say more.. I just want to warn u that i am alive, lol.  Have a great weekend for you guys 😀