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I have no idea what to wear and take some outfit photos. So i just put this secondhand white shirt. The shirt’s condition at the first time is so dirt. there are so many stains on it. But i washed it carefully, and the result is so clean. i’ve got it $1 for three pieces top. Hahaha, so shame, but i like it.

The short i wore is my old jeans. You can see the high waist which is happening at 90’s. And i just cut it off, and voila… hand made denim shorts 😀

And about the bag, i actually dont really like that. It looks very old scholl, especially if i wear it to the office. But, i have idea how to wear it. Yes, just put it when you want to hang out. The vintage thing is coming back again now! Fiuhhh.. Finally i dont throw the bag away, because it’s gift from my dad..

Hope you have a great weekend guys, xoxo..