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After inaugurating a new mayor in Semarang city, the city government through the mayor did a lot of programs for city development. Therefore, we became very very busy to handle the news about the activities and programs. This is the consequences i take for working in public relations division on governmental corporate.

That’s why I need to take some fresh air, yep hang out with my bf in coffee shop. it’s lil bit helping to eliminate some saturation.

As you see, i wear secondhand top which is i bought with my friend Pelangi in awul-awul or secondhand market. Same as the top i wore on the previous post, the price is $1 for three pieces. absolutelly i will wear the other tops on the next post.

Yippie..this is the cappucino blended ice.. so yumm.. i dont upload the fried rice and spagetti’s pic because i did not take their picture..

Ok guys, hope you have a great great day πŸ˜€