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Since two days ago the moslem people (including me) have been undergoing a Ramadhan Fasting Month. For 30 days we have to do fasting and then get Idul Fitri day or we usually call Lebaran (like christmas for christian) a month later. We are not only stand for being hungry, thristy, angry  but also we have to control our passion and feel the poor’s agony who is rarely having food to be eaten. Yes, it’s called emphaty. Our religion teach us to be  people who have emphaty to the others.

In Semarang (the city in Indonesia where I live) have a traditional celebration for facing Ramadhan. It’s called Dugderan. Dugderan is a ceremonial that means the Ramadhan Fasting Month have been coming. This ceremonial is held one day before Ramadhan. Dugder is taken from drum’s sound: dug, and cannon’s sound: derr.

(The troops of carnaval’s participant: the dances, traditional toys, drumband, red and white’s)

This traditional culture consist of a carnaval such as drumband, red and white’s troop (the color’s from Indonesia’s flag), multi traditional culture costume’s troop, cannon, Warak Ngendog’s replica (such a weird animal, lol), traditional dance, traditional toys which  were played by the childrens, the school and state representation and another art potency in Semarang.

The special charasteristic of this annual event is ‘Warak Ngendog’, such a fabricating animal which is the body’s part is from goat, and the head’s part is from dragon. The visualisation of it is from colourfull paper.

(Warak Ngendog- the dugderan’s icon)

The governmental people also take a part on this festival. Like the Semarang Mayor City Soemarmo HS is act as Kanjeng Bupati RM Aryo Purbaningrat (One of hero in Semarang), the Governor of Central Java, Bibit Waluyo is act as RM Probo Hadikusumo, and others. The Semarang citizen also brighten up the celebration by watching on all trough the street.

(The Mayor city and the Governor of Central Java and their entourage)

The expectation with Dugderan will be able to conserve a local’s culture. Else, it is one of enchantment expression by moslem people to face Ramadhan, so it will built up a confidence, dicipline, and togetherness.

(Public enthusiasm in welcoming Ramadhan)

PS: I really enjoy to report this event and present the news on Our Official Web of Semarang City, yeah because my job push me to do that no matter what happend..haha. Hope you enjoy 😀

…:::  Happy Ramadhan 1431 H  :::…