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Some friends asked me about how can i get three pieces secondhand top for only US$1 (look at my prevous post). They also had ever asked me how can i got cute stuff on that dirty place. You maybe won’t believe how the place’s condition is. Yes, it’s dirty, stuffy, sordid, it’s only a tent with ground floor. Still, you can find tresures on that terrible place.

Perhaps, some people never think to buy stuff especially clothes which are used by other people, they think it’s rediculous. It’s not prestigious, and even disgusting. But it’s not for me, i like fashion, but poor me, i’m not as rich as them, who can buy a branded thing with high price. And it proves that there are any ways to be looked stylish.

And here are some tips for hunting those ‘treasures’:

  • Look for any clothes material except t-shirt. Because the secondhand look is not good enough. We prefer find chiffon, lace, fabrics, satin, or denim material.
  • Dont show the ‘I love that thing, I want to grab it fast’ face, the seller will recognize it and it will bring us to an apologetic gorge. Just pretend to be hate person who is forced to buy those things.
  • Just ask for low low lowwwww price. Eventhough the jacket, blazer, or dress we choose is so gorgeous, just remember, it still a secondhand thing. So, it must be cheap, right?
  • If it’s not working, try to offer some ways. Such as with US$4 you will get 1 jacket and 1 top, ect.
  • And, please, fight for it. If you get it in low price, i believe you will satisfy and the most important thing is, our purse still been filled.
  • Before we pay it, check it carefully. Some of them are not in good condition, so never been sorry on the last.
  • Although it’s maybe smelly or dirty, try it on the fitting room without take off your clothes. So dont forget to wear fit t-shirt ‘ya.
  • After coming home, the first thing that we have to do is take a bath. And then, soak the cloths in hot water to kill the bacteria, and wash it carefully with detergent.
  • And voila, we got new cheap cloths!!

PS: Dont push your self if you dont want to 😀