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I am very happy at this present. It is because the charity event  which was planned by me and my friends (Ana, Anis, and Eka) is successful. Actually this is an incidental plan toward ramadhan month. We suddenly planned it when we got incentive payment int the office. We think that ramadhan is the suitable moment to do charity action, because Allah SWT will redouble the reward of our kindness. Because Islam teaches us to share happiness and love. And our plan was going to Orphanage.

The way we got fund to realize it, such as collecting unused clothes to be sold at morning market, selling garbge and unused paper, and collecting donation it self.

(me and any participants in selling clothes for getting fund)

As we know that buying secondhand clothes is my favorite activity, but now I was selling them. It was first and interesting experience for us. How we went to the temporary market, sold those clothes, and bargained it with buyer represent a positive effort to obtain funds. And we think, it was very cool. We have to fight for defending price to get high amount of money. We even did it twice. And after earning enough money, we are very satisfied. Those efforts have achieved good results.

(the charity event’s committee in preparing the boxes of foods)

Then we look for an orphanage in Semarang that was already full on average. But we were still lucky, we finally found the orphanage in Banyumanik. It’s name is “Yataama Alfirdausi”, an islamic oprhanage with 105 childrens. Then we ordered 120 boxes of food for the orphans break their fast.

And finally, on Sunday (5/9) we went to there. Our car was full of the boxes, and we were very hectic to prepare all of the things. But we were very happy for doing this, to share our happiness with the orphans. We were opening fast together and congregationally prayer too. It was fun and yes, we got new great experience.

Previously unimaged, this impromptu plan could be well done. We really thank to the participant which has helped the implementation of this charity event.

Special thanks:

– Mrs.  Wati – Mrs. Tika – Mrs. Titin – Mas Ipung

– Anis’s aunt – Anis’s Mom

– Pascahyanto  – April  – Pelangi – Yoyo   – Yuki

– Dyah – Wiwid & friends – Wulan

– Pram – Eci & her boyfriend