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I think, it’s been a long time for me to be in blogspere.. longing this a lot..

Some days ago, i went to rubber trees garden with my bf to took some photos. the place is interesting.. love it. At first me and my family went to my aunt’s house where her house is near to this garden. Suddenly i was interested, i found new place to take photo at.. This is located at BSB Semarang, Indonesia and here the photos are:

(Look at my bag, haha it almost dissapear)

Ok, and i’ll give you some TIPS ABOUT FASHION for free.. haha

  • For buying shoes: Buy it in the afternoon when our feets are bigger. Use it and try to hop, stand  on one foot for a second, and try to us it for walking. If those are hard to do, just pick another shoes.
  • For  casting a gum on clothes: Scrub it with white vinegar softly until the gum is dropped off.
  • To eke a broken zipper: Scrub the candle bar, soap bar, or pencil on both sides of zipper to make them slippery.
  • Fur and dirt-free clothes: Adhere the sticky tape into our forefinger. Make the sticky side is in the outside, then clean the dirty clothes. Automatically, the fur and any small dirt is gone.
  • Clean the blood blotch in our clothes: Soak the dirty part with milk.
  • To make emergency steamer: When we are traveling and we found our clothes are furrowed because it saved in the bag, just make our own steamer. Hang the clothes on the bathroom, while we are taking a bath with warm or hot water, then close the door. Just let the bathroom clammy. Hey, we’re making a simple steamer!
  • To clean a slash from suede material: Just as simple as you think, use the eraser
  • To avert almost come off botton: Use a base nail coat. Sweep it into the thread braid on the botton. It temporary saved.

(This is my favourite photo, i look so cute, lol)

(Wearing: Hand-made skirt, black tank, lace bolero, gold love necklace, wooden bangles)

Photos by: Pascahyanto