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It’s October. It means it has been 6 months for me work on this office, it means: it has been 2 years for me and my bf in this relationship, and it means: there are still 5 months for me to prepare my wedding. Yes, I’ll do it next year. Hopefully everything goes well.

Among this hectic time, there are so many thing to do. About the kebaya (such a nasional wedding dress, red), bridal make up, invitation letter, soufenir, reserve the building and catering, choose the committee, etc. Everything is in my head, it’s overload. Whereas there is some appointment has to be dealed on this 2 weeks, I hope it will immediately done.

(My bf took a photo of me as if he was paparazzi, haha)

Beyond the crowd of this marriage preparation, I am still filtering friends has to be invited. They are belong to my close friends and they must be the 99% chance to attend. But unfortunaly, most of them are from out of town. That’s because i live in different cities when i was in colleges. Meanwhile, some of them are working and having family that have to take care of. So I should be heartened if they can not attend.

(Wearing: Grey top – posh mode, Bellagio bag, black ledging, open toe ankle shoes – Fld, ring and bangle – private collection)

Anyone who has an event certainly hope the people are invited can be attend in that event.. It make us happy, especially they are close friends and family. It fill in our happiness. Though, we dont have to be selfish. We need some emphaty. Because everybody has their own business. Yeah, that’s what i got in this week. We can’t push someone to attend on my special day.

Anyway I hope i can fix all of the things. So, every list can be well done. Ugh…….. can’t wait to have prewedding photo session. I’m so exited!