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Long days along with something stressing. But i really try to enjoy it. Some of people abdicate a wedding preparation to their parents or somebody else, but it’s not for me. I have to know every single thing in my own wedding. And I AM taking part to handle it too. I think this is special time before we get marry and start a new life with someone. How we run after the time to prepare A to Z and how we have to keep our anger.

Hell yes, anger! That usually come up on this situation. Every little thing will be a big one. The fire is everywhere that can burn our brain. Something that i learn here is be patient.

Marriage is bunch two persons and two family. It must be so difficult to make a same thought. Different head is different content as well. In a marriage, every people wants to give a contribution on it. About the theme, the decoration, the vendor of catering and photograpy, music list, etc. But it will be terrible if we have different opinion. So we have to reason with the others to generate good and reasonable result. It means there will be a used and not-used advice and we should heartened to receive it.

I usually quarrel with parents and bf because of the different opinion. As for the blazer colour, the songs, and phtograph vendor can cause a fight with bf, mom, and dad. But if our heart and head are ‘cool’, we can find a solutions. It will even be a brilliant idea if we can integrate or combine two or more different ideas.

The main obstacle is: distance. Me, my parents and my bf are in different town (Tegal, Semarang, Solo). We can only talk at the weekend just because we are working. Weekend #1 I need to back to tegal for discussion with parents, weekend #2 I have to look for some needed in Semarang, and the following week I’m going to solo to make other preparations with the couple and their parents, and so on. Weekdays run our time out, because we could not do anything on those days. Even we use telephone or internet media to shorten the distance, it doesn’t work well.

But anyway, I tried to enjoy this moment and of course try to be patient. Who know, by going through on this moment I’ll be more mature and more patient in dealing with all problems of life. Someone tells me to always put the block iced up in our head (read: to think with a cool head and be patient), and I think it will be work.

(Wearing: thrifted blazer, Denim pants – my collection, stripe tank – Nevada, Open toe ankle shoes – Fld, bangles – Malioboro, Bag – Bellagio)

Photos: by Pascahyanto and me (the flower)

Location: Tinjomoyo bridge, Semarang, Indonesia