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Among these hectic time, I was going vacation with friends in my office. Our destination was the Jepara. The location is not too far with Semarang (only taken at least 2 hours from Semarang). We are deliberately planning to go to a near place because of time limit. And  I think Jepara is a good choice.

Our first destination is the Great Mosque of Demak, where has a lot of history in it. Precisely of Wali Songo (Nine spreaders of Islam in the land of Java). The mosque is believed to be one gathering place of the guardian. There are four pillars of the mosque that written the name of them. Such as, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Kali Jogo, and Sunan Gunung Jati.

The journey continues to the Kudus Tower, a mosque that looks like tample belongs to the Hindus. I love it because its shape is very unique.

And next is Jepara. We stop in a home industry of Troso. Troso is Jepara’s woven fabric. At a glance, it looks like a Papua’s craft fabric (one of the regions in Indonesia) but still different. This cloth is made with a traditional loom. From coloring, spinning yarn and weaving were done traditionally. And by chance every Wednesday, we are required to wear clothing of Lurik (from Klaten) and Troso (from Jepara). The purpose is to increase small and medium enterprises in Central Java.

Then we visited the place of Ukiran Kayu Jepara (Jepara’s Teak Woodcut) which are very famous. The product can be a cupboard, set of chairs, bed, dresser, recliner, sculptures, tables, home decorations, and others. They also belong to one of the main income of Jepara people. They have export those product to other countries because its shape is very beautiful, unique and luxurious.

Final destination is the Bandengan Beach. One of the white sandy beach on the northern Java island (mostly, in the northern part of Java island have a black sand beach). Part of this beach is used for public tours, and partly used for the resort by private parties, As Palm Beach and sunset resorts. Many foreign tourists come to this beach. Here, we can play banana boat, speed boat and paddle boat, which the rental  price is very cheap.

Those are my fave shots of them

(Wearing: Chiffon polka dot top – Mango, Black shorts, wooden bangle, ring necklace, flats)

Left to right: Me, Mrs. Iin, Mrs. Yayuk, Anis, Anna

I don’t know why, I think it’s funny picture. Lol!

And our next destination is eastern Java. Yippieeeee …!!!