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Thank you God I’m back. These days are killing me. Since my room mate has been coming back to her hometown, I’m practically be an autis person. There are no friends to chat and I don’t watch TV at all. Yeah I had been watching her TV, because I don’t get it yet. Ehm.. it will be soon.. lol.

Hence, I don’t know everything around. When my friend told me about the football match and any recent issue, my answer is, “What the hell is that? I don’t have TV!”. Then the people in the other sides yell on me “What?? A working person can’t get TV?” ahhh.. whatever. Everything will be fixed in the time.

Sorry I have not had time to take outfit photos. So, I just attach these one This is my pic on office with Batik (special fabrics from Java). We have to wear it every Wednesday and Thursday.

And this one is my pic with colegue when we wear Lurik (special fabrics from Klaten).   Our company requires to use those fabrics to increase a local small and medium enterprises.

Then forget about those silly TV, the point is I’m suddenly being a loner. And sometimes I feel so stupid about this. Just think, that you live in boardinghouse with a room mate, then she suddenly came out. So, when it happen, you must be ‘don’t-know-what-to-do-person’.

Still, fortunaly I was busy with wedding preparation and work. So it doesn’t even matter for me (…almost, lol). And you know, anything can be happen behind the loneliness. I suddenly like reading! The thing that I don’t like before (confession: actually, reading is my way to kill this stupid time). I read anything can be read. Magazine, newspaper, comic, photography tutorial, and book it self. I read book Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My interest arises when Julia Robert came to Indonesia few times ago. She was taking scene for Eat Pray Love movie. So, we do certainly curious about the story.

In the book, Elizabeth – a writter in the real life and the book’s –  told about her trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia. 3 country’s name that started by ‘i’ letter. As being depression in life, she try to lose a bad experience in her life: divorce then get failure again in some relationship. In her trip she wants to get happy in life, proximity with the Lord, and the balance of them.

My favourite parts are in the Italy and (of course) in the Indonesia part. In the Italy’s we can figure out the condition and the story behind. Just imagine that you were in a beautiful country with great buildings and  statues. And everybody eat the delicious pasta and pizza. What a life! In this part we can learn as well a new Italy language . Such as attraversiamo! means let’s crossover!

I like the Indonesia part too, because it’s near of my life –as Indonesian people and of course because it talks about Bali. In this part I will be able to understand about the foreign people’s thought and opinion about my country especialy the holy Bali.

India part is little bit hard to understand because it explain about the Ashram town, yoga, the Hindu thing, Swamiji,  and meditation. The things that strange in my daily life. So it little bit boring.

Overall, it is such a great book. A foreign person who can narrate about 3 different culture, custom, and story in 3 countries. For me it’s hard to figure out something new, especially the weird, strange, and unique one. Still, she can explain it comprehensiveness including those definition.

In the other thing, i admire about a writer. They can be a God who knows everything. And we must be knew that they get it because of much reading. The more often we read the more information we get. And one more thing that I can conclude, a writer can analogied well and make some new fresh definitions.

For example, there is a writer whom i followed in twitter. Every sentences and words he tweet sound fresh and out of the box. They’re actually near in our daily life but those are out of the people thoughts to say. And I think it’s cool. Hm.. so jealous with writers. And I think if I want to be a good writer, the first step to do is: start to read!

Just love reading as I love shopping..  Hm.. is it possible for me? Lol.