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Resolution. We often hear about it before the change of year or go to new year. And most of us, try to make some resolution list for the next year. Whether achieved or not we often make those lists. It feels boast if we can make some of them.

Resolution is some commitments which want to be reached by people for a better life when we face a new year . In another words, resolution is a dreams that we want to gain for one year ahead. Such as lose weight, pay off debt, become more thrifty, working in a better company, live healthier, quit smoking, etc.

Yet, base of some research, there is only 12% people who really make resolutions which is designed by their selves. After two or three months most of them overlook their list.

Even so, we still have to prepare a resolution. The people who arrange some plans, they have 10 times greater chance to achieve their goal. Because, the primary key to make a successful resolution is begins with the motivation to pursue what we really want.

Great desire to achieve the purpose will remain if your motivation based on what you really want. Not because of the trend and coercion of parents or spouse.

Therefore, here are some tips to get successful for your new year resolutions:

–          Written
–          Specific
–          Not too much
–          Realistic
–          Record of success
–          Respect to yourself
–          Enabling environment

In order to welcoming a new year, our office held fashion show contest with the theme of Batik Semarangan. Participans be able to wear party, work, and casual clothes. This is me in number 5.  I wear batik warak ngendog, a specific local icon.

And here are the nominee and the winner. the 1st winner is the pink one (number 6), the 2nd is the green one, and the 3rd is number 14. Congratulation for them!! 😀

Happy New Year 2011