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Aah.. it’s January.. it means 2 more months my big day will come.. it’s like there is butterfly on my belly. Hm.. I will focus to prepare it well.

Moreover, this is Monday. I believe that everybody hates Monday. It’s not because of it’s name: Monday, but it is the first day of a week. After we get two days off and get some holidays we have to start to do our daily activities on Monday, especially for working person. We still carried away with holiday and suddenly we have to face a stack of a tiring job.And I know how it feels: sooo hard and annoying!! Lol. Even, somebody has told me that God creates Monday to make humans have something that should be hated together.  Lol, it’s funny term, but it’s damn right.

So, the solution is think that Monday as another day. Because if weekend is on Monday and Tuesday, the following day will be a sucks day too. Haha.

(Wearing: Denim Top given by Pelangi, wooden bangles, leather belt, tights, black stilleto shoes)