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Have you ever felt that you actually have regular salary but you can not set aside any money? And that’s what happen to me at these present. In this month, suddenly everything is calling out my money in my purse. As if there is people who set this situation, that all of my consumables are wear out  and there are many unexpected needs in this month.

I actually realize that I was too extravagant (besides there are so many pre-marriage needs). You see, I’ve just bought a pair of shoes whearas i’ve bought a pair of sport and casual one on the last month. But on the similiar time, I want them as well. And I think, every woman is same. Feel sorry to find our wallet is getting thin but we were helpless when we face a flirty a pair of shoes, a gorgeous bag, or splendid clothes.

One side, I need it, other side I want it too. Haha. Hell yes, it seems so difficult to differentiate needs and wants until we must accept the fact that on this month, I CAN NOT SAVE MY MONEY. Congratulations!!! 😦

Eventually, here are some tips for us who love shopping a lot especially for fashionista in avoiding extravagance.

  • Before going shopping, have a lunch or dinner first at home. Sounds so trivial, but FYI, shopping with hunger make you higher potentially  to buy something just because of passion.
  • Before stepping up to an outlet, just take a pray in your heart to be avoided for buying something that you dont actually need.
  • Comfortable come first. Choose something that you really wear and make you comfortable. Just forget about the same item used by Alexa Chung or the Olsen Twins. Dont be easily seduced by contemporely things. Just remember that how easy something hype nowadays can be overrated in a flash.
  • Everyday outfits > occasional outfits. Precendence buying some fashion items (in adorable price) that you can wear everyda than one expensive item.
  • You can give more budget for buying expensive cutie. But, they tend to be everlasting for model, material, and quality.
  • Before you take them to cashier, just confirm that you have tried them and can imagine at least 5 style to be mixed and matced with your own outfit.
  • Just remember that when you choose some items and ask to your self that do I need it or not, it means that you dont actually need it. So just leave it. We will immediately grab it when we really need something.

So, Wish me luck!

(Wearing: Floral dress – handmade, denim vest – thrifted, shoes – Charles and Keith, golden jeweleries)