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Have you ever thought that distance can be a problem? For me it absolutely yes. Distance can cause a miss communication, it can prolong some proses and it may can cause an affair. Lol. Not only in relationship with crushes but also in friendship.

Lemme tell you about me and my besties. When I was in college (3 years ago) I met Tya, Alit, Dyas, and Atmaya – my classroom who are from different town. We did not bargain for being friends at all. It begin at coffee shop. When we assembles for the same reason: enjoy the coffee. Hell yes, this is our fave activity: meet up with others, have a cup of coffee, and chit chat. In short of it, a cup of coffee bunches us.

Here we are, besides coffee, our interest is fashion. I don’t have our recent pics, so i combine our selves pics.

One time. I was so busy to prepare my graduation. Such as kebaya, make ups, shoes, and of course… camisole. I told about them all the time especially camisole. Camisole is usually wear behind the kebaya. I made a joke that Camisole is such a suit name for our group. It short for kami (bahasa indonesia) = us, and sol = 5 (taken from 5st key of tone). We know that those are such a fussy name, but finally we used it as our name.

After getting graduated, I had to move to another town to seek the job. Then Atmaya had to back to her husband’s place and Tya  had to move to Jakarta. So we are separated. Some time if we had a spare time, we chat up on YM through conference.

In order to this fucking distance and our selves business, sometime we don’t know what to do if one of us is get a problem and has to share it. As we know that other solution and opinion is helping. Even we don’t know each other about someone’s activity and life story.

I designed Our Blog header

Then Dyas suggest a blog as a solution. Yes, Camisole’s blog http://camisoleonline.blogspot.com. All of us can share anything there. I think it’s great idea. Thanks Dyas! Through this way, I know what Mbem has been doing and make some confession.

Hm.. btw, I used to use this way when I was on the senior high school. It name is Alanis Diary – yes, it manual diary. A book that filled by me and my friends and give support each others. Past time = diary, nowadays = blog, that can be access anytime and anytime.