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When we were born, we could not choose what to be like. It’s just given. When we try to live a life time to time, then we get some facts that we are in critical condition, we will blame God. We  suddenly be a blind to what God gave to us. Even some people think that life is unfair.

I give some conditions about ’the beauty and the beast’ – the perfect and imperfect person. I have ever thought that lucky is always come tho the beautiful one.

Let see my friend XXX. She’s beautiful, her parents are rich, she has good inner beauty, she has a lot of friend (yes, everybody loves her) and settled bf. Just see how lucky she is. And other lucky girl, YYY. She’s absolutely beautiful, her behaviour is not good enough, she’s no too smart, even she’s hater. However, people still love her and she has ‘A’ mark. And finally the beast, ZZZ. She’s not beautiful, she’s smart, she’s charitable, she has good maner, but people look at one eye on her.

Hell yes, it’s fact. I have one conclusion that the beautiful one will be  more lucky than the others. Because of she’s beautiful, she’s loved by everyone, she can get job easily (yeah, out look is important). Even if she could not get it, she will always has a chance to get settled bf / husband, because yes, everybody loves ‘the beauty’. And although she is bad inside, everyone will forgive her and her mark will be still ‘A’. Well, it sometimes makes us begrudge, right? lol

Still, we have to realize that no matter who we are, God gives us the good things. He knows what suit us the best. We just need take a pray, an effort, and time. Yes, it will be such a beautiful thing in time.

And me? I know that I’m not beautiful, but I am special. And I am grateful for that. 🙂

(Wearing: black dress – thrifted, denim jacket, nerd glasses, vintage belt, black necklace as bracelet, shoes – FLD)
Location: Jalan Pahlawan, Semarang, Indonesia