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I love the bridges to take a photos at. Anybody is same as me??? I think it adds a certain value in a photography or whatever. Yet, I just like it. Bridges connect the two different places. And the distance gives special visual effect. Especially if you use long lens. The blurry row of railing plus such an ornament will give the beauty of photographs.

This is the second time for me to be captured in toll bridge. And there are another bridge that i want to take a photo at. That is  Suramadu bridge. But any vehicles can not stop on those long bridge which connect Surabaya city to Madura. Me and my friends have ever stopped on it and we taken photos in a rush for 5 minutes.. haha that was stupid. But unfotunatelly we were not taking a bath yet at that early morning, cause we’ve just arrived  there. So the photo must be so awkward, lol. Such an embarassing moment.

And still about this post, i love this dress as well. Just simple but looked quite chic on me. Haha..

My favourite quotes:

What you wear is how you present your self to the world.  Especially today, when human contacts are so quick, fashion is instant language.

(Miuccia Prada)

Uhm.. Seems like I don’t have anything to talk about here. So, just have a wonderful week!