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I believe that no body wants to be lonely – in this context means single-. In this phase, we don’t have a place to share to, there is no shoulder to cry on, we don’t have a reason to have candle light dinner, we can’t take and give surprises with lover, and the worst thing is everybody asks our status. Yeah, those sound terrible meanwhile everybody out of there is going steady with crushes.

But if we are single, just take it easy. Don’t always be oriented to get life partner just because of status, age, and trend. Looking for crushes that we don’t actually know is something naive. I believe, the wonderful time will be coming to us. So don’t worry to be single. God just gives us a ‘spare time’ to be free. To know who the hell we are and to spoil our selves with our favorite activity.

When you are single, you can go anywhere: traveling, hang out with your girls everywhere you want. Your life is free by any calls or instant message. You can do anything we love such as shopping and going to beauty salon (these are something hated by boys). You even can go out with the boys without suspicion and finally we can flirt with, some old friends or guys in the office. Because we can be friends with anyone. You know, some of us don’t really know who we are. So in this phase we can explore our selves.

But in the other hand, don’t be a grain of gravel. Besides maintaining our manner, please don’t look a mess. Occasionally, we can dress up and look beautiful (even you’re not stylish one). Because it is important to show to the people that we’re respect to ourselves and we deserve to be loved.

At that time the people can look at us and decided to love us. Don’t be afraid or shy. Built our self-confident well. When we’re single, built an extensive network. Because when we are going steady with crushes, perhaps we can’t make a friendship. So, this is the right time for it! Who knows, a friend of our friends will be our bf or even husband-to-be. It is quite possible baby!

Before I got along with my husband-to-be, I was being single for more than 3 years. I have reason. At that time, most of my girl friends were dumped by their bf. So i thought that there is no reason for me to go steady. Every man is a same, they’re mean. So i decide to be single for a moment. And at that time, i really enjoy with my self. I can do anything what i want and I am satisfied with that. Eventually when the Mr. Right was coming, i decided to end a single status.

——- Happy Valentine Day! ——–