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In life there will always be a pro and contra, likes and dislike, agree and disagree. And all of those perception influenced by internal and external factor. Such as our experience, knowledge, values, self feeling, threat, proximity, etc.

And also about our favourite thing: Blogging. Some people said that I do blogging because I’m narcissistic. They may think that I’m too  show off  about any outfit or  whatever. But I have my own opinion. What the heck about them.

My reason of loving blogging:

  • I like fashion, photography and telling story.
  • Through blogging, I can share some inspiration especialy in fashion, how to mix and match. With low price we still can look fabulous.
  • Through blogging I can share everything and give some enlightenment about daily story that we often experience.
  • I get a lot of friends from different countries (other bloggers) by visiting your fabulous virtual home.
  • I absolutely can share interesting tips.
  • And (this is private) I can improve my writting and English (because my English is not fluent enough, haha).

Well, those are my reason of loving this, and how about you?

Wearing: Blazer – thrifted, sequin dress – given by my aunt, shoes – Bellagio, Bag – given by my friend Mr. Titin
Location: Akademi Polisi,  Semarang, Indonesia