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My latest post was on February. After that post, i have been so busy to prepare my weding. My head was overload. I had nospace for another thing beside my wedding. And at this present i am very happy to be in blogsphere again. I was longing for this thing.

(These pictures are taken by my friend as pre-wedding photo. It was so fun while i don’t have to pay high price for them. Especially the photos above were when my office had special event: ‘Ogoh-ogoh Festival’ in celebrating Hari Raya Nyepi. Such a festive event. But unfortunatelly, we did not prepare about the balinese costume)

Now my status is different. I am merried (lil bit unbelievable that now I’m not single anymore, haha). It was on April 3rd 2011. Those dizziness things has ended. After got 2 wedding receptions (another one was on May 1st 2011), my life is back to normal. Although i have to be ready to get another step of life. Those hectic time have passed, I really thank to God.

Now i’m a houswife. I have more responsilities than before. But i will try to enjoy this new adventure with my husband.

(And we set as nerd couple too for fun. I think they are cute)

As human, there is no enough thing. When we were single, some people will ask “When will you have a boy friend?”. After that, they will ask “When you guys get marry?”. Then after we have a husband, the following question are “Have you had children?” and “Have you had a private residence?”. Yeah that’s killing for some of people.

(And finally, we also took formal photos in studio wearing Kebaya)

Yet, no matter what, i think i’m quite lucky. At my age, i have permanent job, i’m married, my husband is working too, and i have a small house. Those are worth to be grateful. Because there are some people who are not as lucky as me. In that why we can make our life brighter because being grateful is make our life better.