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One thing I get on my previous special event is about the meaning of an invitation letter. I used to think that these some pieces of paper which send to us is very important. I mean those are such important factor in deciding our present. So conventional, right?

Those are not as same as an invitation by email, facebook, twitter even short message. They are not quite formal to invite someone (especially for the wedding party).

But now my thought is not quite right. The fact is some people whom invited by me on my wedding via invitation card did not attend. There are so many reason even some of them did not give some notification. While, almost of guess who did attend are people whom invited by SMS, fb, and email. I was so appreciate it.

This is meaningful for me. Because of the distance we sometimes use something easy to dilever message. By this case I learn something. Any kinds of invitation I get, I have to consider to attend and give some appreciation.

Here I share my wedding photos, hope you enjoy! 😀

# 1 : AKAD

This is the first day, when we say a promises to be husband and wife. ugh, that was hard time. It  like there was  butterflies on my belly. Still, after those words were said, we were so happy. In this time, the husband-to-be give a mahar (such give valuable things such gold jewelry, money, or else to show that he really want to marry the woman), we also did sungkem (ask permition to our parents to get marry) and wore a wedding ring. I wore the kebaya and my husband wore basofi style. I love the kebaya a lot and also my make up.


The second day, we held a reception. such an ordinary party. But we add some traditional (java) culture in it. I wore a Jogjakarta style – called ‘Paes Ageng’. I still remember how heavy those head pieces. haha. We did step by step of javanesse culture with so many meaning which are useful for us.

(my parrents accompany me went to wedding stage)


The third party held a month later. It’s held by the groom’s family to welcoming the  daughter in law and introduce her (me) to their acquaintance. I wore some other javanesse styles – called ‘Solo Putri’. I like this kebaya too. It fit me perfect.