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Seems like I’m aligible enough to post about ‘How to Facing Wedding’. That because I’m passed this exam, am not, I?  Lol. Ok, I will share some tips for all of Bride-to-be.

Something to do before the ‘it’ day, such as:

  1. Relax. 3 days before the it day, we have to erase all of the thing about the wedding preparation. Why? Because those will be influenced to our face. Looks so tired, ugly and stressed up. We prefer go to beauty treatment place or go spa. The purpose is for making us relax so the body metabolism will be good. We will sleep, hungry and defecate regularly.
  1. Sleep properly. 3 days befor the ‘it’ day, we have to get enough sleep. At least 8 hours a day. Yes you have to push your self. No excuses!
  1. Consume of Good Nutrition. Don’t forget to have nutritious meal plus the mutvitamine.
  1. Try to be resigned. Although we are such a perfectionist person, we can’t do it by our self. We have to make sure that at least 7 days before the day comes, everything is proper. So enter the 3 minus, don’t think about the trash. The key is being resigned. If the preparation we arranged is ready, the last thing we should do is enjoy it. Just believe everything to the committee and family. And think positively that they would not make us dissapointed.

And when the ‘it’ day come, something that we have to do are:

  1. Start the day wedding day with smile and optimistic. Smile gives us new power and optimistic. The happy aura will be shine by our face.
  1. (Again…) Resigned and pray. Just trust the every single thing to God. Pray to Him to make this easy. We will be in a good hand. If we are resigned to God, our face and gestures will be settle down.
  1. Don’t  Sweat on The Small Stuff. If there some things bother us, just give you’re the best smile. Ask the committee to handle it and trust them and believe to God who always helps us.
  1. Enjoy the every single thing. One thing you should learn the wedding process will be held on a second. It’s like blink on an eye. We suddenly had a ‘Mrs’ status. So my andvice is just enjoy the process. Please keep a mental click for every beautiful moments that happen. Remember the ambiance, remember the people, and remember the procession.

(Wearing: Handmade floral dress, black tight, chain shoes: Bellagio, vintage bag – Thrifted, denim jacket – thrifted, Location: Semarang Grand Candi Golf)