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I have been thinking to hunt some shores on the southern coast of Java island. Precisely in Wonosari , nearby Jogjakarta. There are rows of beautiful white sand beaches. They are Baron, Krakal, Siung, Sundak, Kukup, Drini, Ngandong, Wedi ombo and others. They are in one line at the edge of Java island.

Few weeks ago finally I went to Sundak beach. Just trying to spent short holiday with husband. This beach located in Wonosari, Jogjakarta. We took at least 3,5 hour from Semarang. We passed through a winding road because it was in Gunung Kidul (such mountains area). You must be able to imagine how we need to go through the highlands, small road, village area before seeing a beautiful beach.

White sand, blue water and sky, and green plants spoil our eyes. What an amazing sight. On the shore we can also enjoy a young coconut and shelter in huts provided.

Unfortunatelly, we could not go to other beaches.  We have to continue the trip to Jogjakarta, to spend a weekend there. Eventually we decided to hunt those beaches at  some other times.

Hey, I have not told you yet that I have cut my hair after getting married. Haha it’s short enough right. Some of my friends said that this cuts look not quite good on my, but some others said it’s suit me.

Because the weather is hot enough I wore thrifted top and shorts plus vintage bag and sandals by Charles and Keith.