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Few days ago I remember I have a bag from my dad which is rarely used by me. I think it out of date. I don’t like the shape and model. So I just leave it on my closet. So the way I find to make it usefull is using studs which are bought by me some other times.

On this way I only use gun glue to stick it and cover the fake jewel on it. And voila… it think it is quite work!

Haha I’m so excited with suds. So I tried to find another possible stuf to be repaired. The I found another treasure on my closet. I even forgot I have some another old clutch which is given by my friend. It condition was not good at all. The glue is regardless, dirty and I don’t like the ornament.

Something I did is little bit difficult than the first bag. I opened the clutch’s layer that does not stick well, I removed the stitches beads which shaped like grapes, and then I attached the studs one by one, by putting the two pointy sides on it. And then I paste the bag with glue, and for finishing I sew the whole side to make the clutch more tightly. And TADDDAAAAA….. this clutch is ready for party!

Created by Wulan