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I’ve been loving these fabulous look I grabbed from Fashionising.com. Some trends that marry all the qualities of an appealing lifestyle. Despite this there are some fashion trends in 2011 which, despite being unlikely to indulge in ourselves, we simply can’t ignore. And that’s because they have an impact on other trends that are important to us.


One such trend is punk – a trend that last emerged in 2010 and one that will continue to influence the fashion aesthetic of 2011 and potentially beyond. Some accesories such as studs, savety pins, kilt pins, black boot can work for punks look in dozens of different ways. Think also about brooches and other bits of makeshift jewellery, or to haphazardly pin scarves, cardigans or other bits of clothing.

*ps: I love that jacket so bad! >_<”

Jump suit and play suit

Jump suit was happening in 2010 but it may still exist today that can be combined with other accessories such as belts, blazers, and others.

Maxi Dress

As with the jump suit, I think the maxi skirt is more suitable for tall people. And these items are automatically crossed from  my to-wear-list, as though I love this style.


Pleats is going up now. They mentioned along the way the prevalence of pleats for spring 2011. And now  they’re staying on as a trend for fall 2011. So don’t pack up pleats just yet, and don’t be afraid to invest in them if there’s that special statement piece you’re considering. Pleats are back, and they’re going to be with us for a while yet.

Longer at the back dress

Shirttail hem, tapered hem, cutaway hem.. Whatever you wish to label it, the basic fact remains: skirts and dresses cut longer at the back are continuing to make their way into our trend bibles, and thus features as a major 2011 fashion trend. These hems fill the void between mini and midi; or between midi and maxi. They cover, yet they expose. And they’re a simple way to freshen up your spring 2011 wardrobe with a new type of cut.