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I just wanna greet you all and remaind that I AM STILL ALIVE  😀 .  Recenty there are so many things to do and i have no idea and time to post. So by these photos, i am apologize  😉

 Wearing: Stripes dress, thrifted blazer, and peep toe heels.
♥ Listening: Reeve Carney Feat Bono – Rise Above.
♥ Watching: Ugly Truth, romantic comedy film starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

♥ Eating: Oh no, I am fasting today and for 3 weeks ahead.
♥ Doing:
  some charity project named #FashionForCharity as i and my friend did on the last year. Collecting useless clothes, bags, and shoes then sell it. The donation we get, will sent to orphanage (the coverage will be post on the next post).
♥ Loving: When my husband eat as much as possible a homemade food I make. I feel that I actually have cooking skill, lol. At least I’m appriciated.
♥ Hating: When people too afraid of doing something and being too fragile to face their daily problems.
♥ Wishing: For a baby. Hihi, it little bit weird that i want a baby on my age. But that’s what i wish for this year. And also for some boutique. Ah.. I just can not make it true. I don’t know how to begin.
♥ Wanting: Christian Louboutin shoes (whearas i promised that i won’ t be extravagant no more!! >_<)