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After getting married, every single things must be considered. We’re probably happy to be with someone we love. We can share everything bother us, there is shoulder to cry on, there are other hands to wipe our tears, yeah everything seem so easy for us. Yet, it is not that easy. There always be gravel in our journey. Every problem in our life always come and go.

There is no enough word for humans. After getting merried is not always running well. We certainly possessed other expectations which are not easy to achive. Settle down and work drain my time. I always imagined to do many things, but in fact it was over in notes and fall asleep.

Obviously, the more a phase of life we ​​through, the more numerous and severe matter we face. Desires. Passions. Needs. Ideas. I barely talk to them, they just come and pass. I even stuck in the same place since a year ago. There are so many desires and expectations that only exist in my head without making me to depart and say, okay I will start it now.

I think, my recent life is not well ordered. Too much obsession, unfocused, does not take an action and they suddenly disappear replaced with another desire.

How could I want a child while our lives run not quite proper. Not only our internal  financial problems, plan of continuing studies, side business, and of course long distance relationship between me and my husband. And I think, the last one is the determinants of other wishes. So we absolutely hope we’ll get mutation decision of my husband’s job as soon as possible.

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