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As a blogger I belong to non-productive one. The too long range of time between one post to another, with low quality of writing, and of course with non-branded-outfit which are so contrast with other fashion blogger.

I am here in the tiny standpoint in the huge space. Becoming a small part among so many fashion lovers. Little bit strange, but I persist to get my existence.

Perhaps my present is worthless among those stylish and shopaholic people. I often wonder about what their job is so they often shopped so many outfit which there are famous brands label hang on them,  then posted it in short  times. They even travel  from one city to another, from one country to abroad. It is amazing (read: I am jealous).

While me.. I am only a civil servant with average payment. The similar thing between me and them are about our hobbies. Fashion and photography, and share them. I only wear about unused, thrifted, treasured, and homemade clothes. My benchmark is the cheaper is the better, lol. Furthermore, with a limited English vocabulary, I cant come up such a beautiful writing over other bloggers.

Like on this post I write what’s on mind with ordinary outfit photos, yet I like it. I wear simple maxi dress which i brought in some shop, and top which i brought in some other shop too. Haha, It will be gratuitous if I mention the brand is, you wont recognize it.

Maxi dress, I think it is more suitable for tall people. This item must be crossed from  my to-wear-list, as though I love it. Still, I’m bravely wear it. 🙂

At that afternoon, I ask my friend to take outfit photos in some not-well-known-place in Semarang for Semarang people their selves. Such a tiny side in an arid shore, Marina beach. But somehow I like this outlook, especially a second before twilight, so we can spoil our sight with the magnificent sunset.

Hope you guys will  get fabulous week.