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Semarang – it has been more than 5 years I lived here. But I have not explored yet in every tiny crack and alley in this sunny town. I passed the same routine every single day, from home to office, and so on. By this chance you can see that I am not kind of exploler and culinary lovers. There are so many tourist and exotic spot which I’ve never visited before and they’re possibly interesting to take a photo at.

And as everybody know about this town, Semarang is one city in Indonesia that has the heal level above the avarage. But in the same time, it’s easy to get flood.  Here is the place where I define to stay and live because it’s located in the middle between my hometown and my husband’s, perhaps this is the only reason.

The + ness Of Semarang

Great culinary, So many great tour place, Located in strategic area, not too crowded and deserted.

The – ness

It is extremelly hot, flood easily, there is one area in the north that nearly death due to flood-prone location, lots of parking trouble, traffict jam, not a good choice for fashionista (due to the limited shopping centre).

Eventhough Semarang is not recommended townt to live in, i definitely love it and i have so many good expectation for this heat small town, Semarang.

Oversize Blazer – Thrifted
Vintage Tanks – Thrifted
Denim Shorts – DIY
Leather Belt – Thrifted
Wedges – Rotelli