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Too much things happen in my absence on blogsphere. Every little thing give a significant influence in my life. Start from being Lo or liaison officer in ASEAN meeting where I accompany Senior Minister and Vice Chairman, Council for the Development of Cambodia, then take a part of education and pre-job training, and a piece of little dream that can be true: yes, I am pregnant!

Those things direct and indirectly increase my self-confident, I also realize that I have to improve my English, and also one thing, we need empathy in friendship. That what i get.

About my pregnancy I believe this is a miracle for me. How come one of million sperm cell can fertilize an ovum where it can only live for 24 hours per months. I also did not sure when was my fertile period and we did not plan to have a sex in that period. Yes, that is miracle. God have a great plan for me. In the right time there is embryo in my uterus and in the same time, my husband moved to Semarang. It means there is no more long distance relationship. It was incredible, God really have a time to give me the best.

Every symptoms and pregnancy effect I do happily. Including nausea, morning sickness, the lost of appetite, and easy to get tired. Yeah these are phase.

In monthly fetus monitoring, I do feel amaze. From being blood clots, clumps of pulsing veins, organism along 5 cm, then 13 cm, and etc. I can’t help to see the progress of it in every month. One of our expectation is I get a healthy pregnancy with normal birth.

I’m so sorry I don’t have recent photos of me. Still, I adore these maternity looks.