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Although the ‘it’ day will be held few months later, but at the present there are two words in my brain called gental birth. For people who have been pregnant and given birth probably was not familiar. But for others who had not, it raises a question mark.

Gentle birth is softly natural birth to welcome baby born into the world. The companion should calmly and gently help with a soft voice so that when the baby is born the atmosphere around is calm, quiet and peaceful. It is intended that the mother retains in depth relax condition (meditative) during execution.

The important point related to Gental Birth:

  1. The mom-to-be need to meditate or relax since the early of pregnancy
  2. We have to often communicate with fetal
  3. Reduce medical intervention in childbirth, such as no strangers inside the room, a very bright spotlight, and the chattering of medical tools that is so creepy, makes us not relax.
  4. Delayed cord clamping
  5. And early initiation of breastfeeding.

While the advantages of doing this technique are reducing the pain of childbirth, the babies born become more calm which is also a positive effect on child development and psychological.
Gentle birth is usually done with home water birth.  It will be helped by the husband or family, the doctor is only as backing. The main actors are only wife and husband their selves. Gentle birth can be done only in condition the fetus is in normal position (not harmful), etc.

Well, all of us would be seduced if there better way of birthing that is reduce a pain. If there is a more natural and less painful, why do not I try. Hopefully I can achieve this desire.

These are the  photos that still in my laptop, i’m so sorry not to take a newest photos.