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Everybody loves December. It represents so many happy things like Christmas, family, warmth, party, snow, New Year eve etc. December is always fascinating. And for me, although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I love December as well. There are so many atmosphere that couldn’t be explained when we enter December, the end of the year. I feel the same. Semarang – a place where I live, is suddenly being cold (everybody know that Semarang is so sunny). Of course not because of snow, there is only dry and rain season in Indonesia. Yea, Semarang is rain everyday. But I like it, I can feel what everybody does. At least the weather is similar. I feel cold, I also can watch so many interested movies, there is also family gathering, eat the delicious foods, and enjoy my 4th month of pregnancy.

And when December ends, another journey begins. So don’t forget to prepare all the things to welcome a new year where  another adventure begins.

Hope you have a great moment on December too.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone… ❤