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What we get at this present is such a consequence of our deed in the past. I absolutely agree with that. If we do wrong we will get the bad thing, and if we do right we will get the good one.

What has happened in one last year, it may because of our effort in one year before. and every single thing that happen on last year it may become an evaluation of ourselves. What we have done and what we have got. Everything can be the basic for resolution one  year ahead. Yes, in this 2012.

2012. A new life begins. Within one year ahead there will be so many stories of our life that we don’t imagine before. And no matter what happen, we have to be ready to face all the possibilities. Something that we can do are prepare, do the best, and pray.

In this year we will face a variety things. Especially me, the biggest day must be a baby born in May (the same birth month with me and my husband. So we will celebrate our birthday in the same month). We expect a normal and gental birth, that what we dedicate for our baby.


Maxi dress is one of the best choices for this pregnant periode. It is simple, comfy, and look stylish.

Wearing: thrifted pattern maxi dress, blank tank, dark orange cardigan – Hardware.

Hey, look at my stomach! Haha, it so cute. I’m so admire the baby born on this May. Hopefully everything gonna be ok. 🙂