Recently I wonder about my life. I’m not serious to do every single thing. It is not related to married life or the baby that will be born on this May. But there are some things that I find I am only half done, yes, I am not optimal. It is related to the job. I think it is not who I am. There are other things that are more suitable for my capabilities. In my recent job I do not grow at all. Moreover, there are several principles that are not appropriate with my point of view. This space is too narrow for my presence. It is like the wrong person in the wrong place. Being stuck and nothing to do for it is sucks.

But on the other hand, I also do not know what to do. I feel very stupid and not worthy of being a human at the present.

I know I seem not grateful for everything I get. I should look down, there are so many people who are not as lucky as me. They have to work harder to get better life, even the other one are jobless. So I am better and I should be grateful.